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What's My Level?® is hormone and bone loss testing as part of a clinical management program for patients and health care providers.  Measuring your hormone levels is essential for determining your unique hormone profile. Once you have that information, you and your healthcare provider can determine whether self-care or an individualized course of low-dose hormone therapy is the best option for your symptom management.

Once you and your healthcare provider have decided on testing, the Restore program process is very simple:

  • Your provider can order testing by completing a Restore Diagnostic Order Form and faxing it to us at 1-888-898-7412 or registering you at Once we have received the order from your healthcare provider we will contact you to:
    1. Explain the specific testing that your provider has ordered.
    2. Verify your acceptance of the testing, payment preference, and shipping information. NOTE: Testing may be reimbursable under your insurance plan. We will send you all the receipts and insurance codes (CPT) to submit to your insurance company.
    3. Review how and when to collect your samples.
  • Once you receive your test kit, collect your samples.
    1. Your test kit will arrive with everything you'll need to collect the required samples (typically saliva and urine) in the privacy of your own home.
    2. An instruction booklet is also included.
    3. We encourage you to contact Restore Clinical Services at any time with any questions or concerns you might have.
  • Return your test kit with the provided UPS pre-paid envelope.
  • Our registered nurse and pharmacists are available to assist your healthcare provider in evaluating your clinical results and therapeutic recommendations.
  • You'll receive notification when your test results are sent to your healthcare provider, typically within 1-3 weeks of receipt of samples.
  • Discuss the test results with your healthcare provider and determine your best course of action -- self-care or prescription therapy.
  • If testing suggests that beginning a course of low-dose custom compounded prescription hormone therapy might be beneficial, your healthcare provider may choose to prescribe through the Restore Health Pharmacy.
  • You can also choose to work with Restore Health Pharmacy simply by faxing us the prescription(s) your healthcare provider has written for you.
  • A Restore case manager provides ongoing consultation and monitoring through discounted follow-up testing at 3 months after beginning hormone therapy for patients filling prescriptions through Restore Health Pharmacy.

Why fill your prescription through Restore Health?

  • Restore Health was the first pharmacy in the U.S. to specialize in women's health, specifically PMS. Since 1982 we have provided compounded low-dose prescriptions, individualized to meet a woman's unique hormonal needs. We continue to lead the field of customized prescription care through ongoing research, improving drug delivery and diagnostic testing methods, and by maintaining the highest standards of prescription purity and accuracy.
  • Restore Diagnostics offers discounted follow-up testing to our prescription therapy patients as part of our commitment to the goal of helping you attain optimal therapeutic outcomes at the lowest effective dose.
  • This type of monitoring and ongoing case management allows you and your healthcare provider to continue to evaluate and adjust your plan of care. Periodic testing is the most accurate and convenient way to monitor how well your hormone therapy prescription(s) are working. These tests show if your medications have brought your hormone levels. If you are experiencing symptoms of overdosing or underdosing, follow-up testing takes the guesswork out of finding where the adjustments need to be made.


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