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Restore Diagnostics supports innovative, groundbreaking projects. Researchers may be eligible for a Pilot Study Grant to facilitate the addition of biomarker studies to your field. Please contact us at 800-558-7046 ext. 500 for more information on the pilot study grants.

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University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Collaborating with Marcellus Meritt, Psychology, to develop NIH grant to study the effects of mitigation strategies for pre-hypertensive individuals and its effect on blood pressure and heart rate as an indicator of parasympathetic engagement with corresponding salivary Cortisol measurements.

University of Georgia - Logo

University of Georgia

Collaborating with Exemenari Obasi to complete Phase 2 testing to study the link between stress and the risk of drug addiction among rural African Americans.  The study questions whether risk factors are universal predictors for all groups or are group-specific. Preliminary data demonstrates an uncharacteristic spike in dehydroepiandersterone paralleling Cortisol measurements. 

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Logo

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Waisman Center

Providing testing for the Romens/Mischel study at the Child Emotions Lab.  Studying the use of amylase as a stress biomarker. Also participating in an ongoing longitudinal study of young childeren at risk of internal (anxiety/social withdrawal/depression) and external (ADHD and conduct problems).

Wisconsin Department of Corrections - Logo

Southern Oaks Girls School

Measuring Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEA and Cortisol hormonal imbalances in incarcerated teenage girls.

University of New Orleans - Logo

University of New Orleans

Collaboration with the Department of Psychology SPIT Lab under the direction of Dr. Birdie Shirtcliff to evaluate Maxisal supplement effectiveness for dry mouth and salivary sampling.

University of Padova - Logo

University of Padova, Italy

Providing Estradiol and Pregesterone assay sample testing of approximately 1000 subjects for Dr. Jeff Kiesner.


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