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Inclinic Preceptorships - Register for May, June, July, Aug 2015

The Bioidentical Hormone Initiative presents a global physicians & licensed healthcare professional training program inclinic preceptors & mentoring support for 2015 in New York City.

Managing Menopause

By the time women reach their mid- to late- 40s, they enter a phase of life called menopause, when the production of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone starts to diminish.

Restore Health Pharmacist Shara Rudner Publishes Article in IJPC

Restore Health would like to congratulate Shara Rudner, RPh, FIACP, FACA on her most recent publication in the Jan/Feb 2015 edition of the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding.

Who's Getting Under Your Skin?

We’ve all probably heard or spoken this phrase at some point in our lives, “S/he’s getting under my skin!” This age-old adage has been used for centuries, but for as often as we use it, do we really understand the consequences of letting someone or something get under our skin?

Vitamin D and Depression

We are now in the middle of the darkest days of the year with the least amount of sunlight. In Milwaukee, WI, the angle of the sun has dropped to about 220 and our body’s ability to produce Vitamin D dropped to zero back in October.

The Problem with Perfect

Perfect. It’s such a pretty word. In fact, I should probably just outright admit that I love the word “perfect.” I love when things work out perfectly and I love when I don’t find any mistakes in something.

The Importance of Hormones

When I utter the word hormones in front of my family and friends, a sudden smile crosses their faces. Before I say another word, they often respond, “Yeah, it’s all about hormones!”

Dr. Erika Winter/Spring In-Clinic Preceptorships

Dr. Erika is now offering a variety of different in-clinic preceptorships for this winter and spring. ICPs offered include Bioidentical Hormone Protocols, Thyroid Evaluation and Treatment, HGH Protocols, and more.

Got Inflammation? Add Gelatin!

America as a nation seems to be under extra stress right now. Increased stress hormones can lead to inflammation.


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