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Sept. Supplement of the Month: i-Throid

i-Throid™ is a high potency iodine/potassium iodide supplement in an easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsule.


By Karen Hanson, NP, APN It just makes sense that there is a male version of menopause

Hormone Therapy for Women: Facts to Consider

By Karen Hanson, NP, APN One of my (many) pet peeves is to hear the line “Estrogen is toxic.” As a woman who lives full of three different types of estrogen that naturally occur in my female body, I take offense to that.

How Much Sugar is in that Coffee Drink? Oy Veh!

By: David Brownstein, MD My daughter Jessi was complaining that there is too much sugar in many coffee drinks and other beverages sold at various restaurants. That started us on a search of how much sugar is actually in commonly ordered beverages.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

By: Karen Hanson, NP, APN Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses. After obtaining a four year degree in nursing, nurses can go on to graduate school and earn advanced degrees in 2-4 additional years of study.

Bringing Personalized Medicine Full Circle

"The Restore video perfectly captures our company mission. We look forward to the continued implementation of our expansion strategy as a national leader in personalized medicine," Restore Health CEO Matt Wanderer said.

Restore ranked on Inc. 500 List for 2nd Straight Year

For second consecutive year, Restore Health is ranked the fastest growing company in Wisconsin.

Sleep Insufficiency: An American Epidemic

By: Adelina Yankova It is well understood that not getting enough sleep on any given night could result in bags under your eyes or a crabby attitude, but studies suggest chronic sleep insufficiency may have much more serious health implications.

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